Adam Yahya Davies
Brown Balaclava

‘Brown Balaclava’ is a compilation of images and text which all present Adam’s personal confusing relationship with religion, faith, race and ethnicity. The work has developed into a series which is somewhat sentimental and self-indulgent but looks holistically at his life experiences, not only to do with Islam, but also general experiences which have all moulded the artists attitude to faith and culture.

These experiences become translational to those who can reposition themselves into the images/text that Adam has produced. The work does not aim to be approachable by all, it does not aim to please those who do not take the time to understand it. It is made for those who could understand, could empathise and could relate.

Using literature in the form of poetry and prose, Adam has created a backbone to an argument against the inferiority of Muslims in the Western World. He has written literature which acts as the understructure to his mind-set and of his artworks which retaliates against the history of white supremacy.


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