Dee Appleby

Inspired by her innate curiosity for the human mind, Dee has looked into the study of colours and emotions in regards to Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, generally focusing on the way the brain functions and why. Dee is now producing work that investigates a study first conducted by philosopher and psychologist Wolfgang Metzger whose aim was to understand the functionality of the eyes and mind when submerged in complete darkness, he expressed, “Our eyes will not stop seeing even if we have to invent the world from nothing”.

Dee has taken this experiment in her own way by producing portraits that are beautifully constructed by the mind. Visual reconstructions created by the photographed individuals express their personal interpretation of their eyes activity during the time of submersion.

The collaboration of both the portraits and the individual interpretations allow the viewer to question the depth and ability of the Brain. Dee aims to remind viewers of the brains ability through her images that display only a mere fraction of what it is capable of.


Instagram: deeapplebyphotography

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