Taylor Russell


Taylor’s work is based around the coastal town of Skegness in Lincolnshire. He believes spending most of his formative years here have sculpted the person he has become. He speaks quite a lot about this ‘new found appreciation’ for Skegness since spending the last three years in Nottingham studying, as Skegness was originally a place he couldn’t wait to escape. Now coming back to his hometown he has created a series of work documenting Skegness and its surrounding areas from his own viewpoint showing the areas as they are for the good and the bad, the delicate coastline as well as the busy tourist resorts. He believes he’s trying to blur the lines between this pro-Brexit town and child friendly holiday resort, the two things Skegness is well known for. For Taylor Skegness is both of these and neither at the same time, for him Skegness is just the place we collectively love to hate.

Email: TheTaylorRussell@hotmail.com

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